Bullfighting In Spain


October 1-2014, Madrid, Spain. I’m here to speak against this cruel and savage Spanish old tradition of the torture, sacrifice and killing of innocent bulls and their babies as an amusement event in the Spanish Culture. We are in 2014 and Spain cannot be considerate a modern European country with this kind of traditions, which are more part of an old and dark age.

I was laying like a dead bull on one of the busiest streets in Madrid, Gran Via. All covered by fake blood, with “banderillas” and two signs that said:

Murdered by Bullfighters in Spain.

The other one said:

Do you think this image is outrageous? Spain is Different.

As Gandhi said: “The greatness of a nation will be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

Photos by Yolanda Ylalonso

1500x500BULL333 big Res BULL6BULL9BULL4BULL2BULL8 Each year, the second Tuesday of September, the town of Tordesillas (in Valladolid, Spain) is host to a horrific fiesta known as “El Toro de la Vega.”

The festival begins with the release of a bull into the countryside surrounding the town, whereupon dozens of people then pursue the bull on foot and on horseback, stabbing him with daggers and spears until he collapses exhausted on the ground.

The lancer who delivers the deadly thrust, ending the bull’s immense suffering caused by multiple stab wounds, has the right to cut off his tail, attach it to his lance, and show it off to the crowds.

On top of that, the town council rewards him with a golden badge and an iron lance. For his bravery, we assume …

Enough of the sarcasm. How can anyone call this cruelty “tradition”? The corrida is bad enough, but this is an event of unspeakable violence against a defenseless animal.
The Toro de la Vega is believed to have been held annually since 1453.

“Much reviled by animal rights groups for its cruelty, the Toro de la Vega involves hunters on foot and horseback chasing a bull through a pine forest before spearing it to death,”
Spanish animal defenders reject bullfighting as “cultural heritage”.

We are the voice of the ones who can’t defend themselves, we are the voice of the ones who have been silenced forever. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ! !

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