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Performance in Ibiza, Spain against oil exploration in the coast of the Island and to raise awareness about the dangers and risks of the oil industry. we must leave the oil industry behind and invest into renewable green energy industry if we want to save and potent our planet and all the living creatures in it. It’s not too late to reverse the damage created and the global warming as a collateral cause.

Using the right to public nudity guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution- and nowhere does nudity feel as free and natural as in Ibiza and Formentera – Jil Love, her Love Revolution, and an enthusiastic group of volunteers strolled through the streets of Ibiza Town smeared with a shiny mixture of Cola Cao, flour, and oil, which rendered them as dirty and greasy as birds and marine creatures affected by a potential oil spill.

The Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca have found themselves embroiled in a political dispute that could lead to devastating environmental consequences, in addition to a potential knock-on effect on the islands’ economies. Scottish Group, Cairn Energy are planning to drill for oil in the waters off the coast of Ibiza. Having recently acquired permission from the Spanish government, local residents are now up in arms forming alliances to fight this potentially devastating project.


6 female Artivists walked around the city of Ibiza with signs, dead fish and money covered by oil. The people’s reaction was very positive and we didn’t have any problem. We enjoyed deeply our moment, while we were inspiring, making people think, raising awareness and spreading consciousness and igniting people to action to protect and save the Island of love and magic from the corrupted politicians and greedy and selfish oil diggers. EIVISSA DIU NO!!


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