Planet Earth As Homeless Woman


PLANET EARTH reaching out for help like a homeless lady, ignored by society. San Francisco April 30th. 2014.

The Return of Isis
You are collectively experiencing the return of Isis. It is happening in this very moment. It is happening through the agency of women coming to their power, and it is being accelerated through the recognition that the Earth is in danger through the acts of mankind and through the recognition that the halls of power are impotent to affect the needed changes.
More and more women will come together to create change in the world, and in their communities more women, especially the younger generation, are finding their voices to speak to the errors they see.
The return of the goddess does not mean she descends from the heavens with a flaming sword. It means that she embodies the hearts and minds of women and that these women find the courage to speak their truth and to take the actions they deem necessary.i'm Planet Earth

Earth3Planet Earth2PlanetEarth3PLANETEARTHEARTH 2

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