Caged Life In Gaza



How would you feel if your land was stolen? if your trees were cut down and your source of food was taken from you? No drinkable water? What about if your country was occupied and the settlers constant insult you, bully you and steal your house, kill your neighbors and children and call you terrorist? and you were put in a caged concentration camp with no human rights while the world remains silent to such a HUGE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? We are breaking the silence, WE ARE GAZA.

August 13th 2014. In the 5th of a series of live performances for Gaza, Jil Love is locked and helpless inside of parrot cage, tied up and with a plastic bag in her head. It’s an extreme Artistic way to tell the viewer the helpless situation and suffocation that the Palestinians in Gaza suffer everyday of their existence, without water, food, medical Aid or any other resource. Most of the mainstream media keep silent about this issue. There’s be a box with eggs with words of love or hate, that the assistants decide if they want to throw or feed and nourish her.

Gaza is a concentration camp, and it’s an American delusion not to recognize that.
Israelis to go blithely on, systematically stealing Palestinian land in the West Bank, and continuing to confine 1.8 million Gazans within what might well be described as a concentration camp.

CAGE LIFE3 Note, incidentally, I say “concentration camp” and not “death camp.” I am not comparing Gaza to Auschwitz-Birkenau, but one cannot help but liken the conditions today in Gaza to the sorts of conditions once faced by Japanese-Americans during World War II, or the Boers in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War, or the black South Africans years later in such besieged townships as Soweto, or for that matter Jews and gays and gypsies at Dachau and Theresienstadt in the years before the Nazis themselves settled on their Final Solution.
And it is quite simply massively self-serving delusion that Israelis (and their enablers and abettors here in America, among whom incidentally I count a steadily declining number of American Jews) refuse to recognize that fact. CAGE1 cage555

Jil Love Revolution is demanding Help to End This Crime Against Humanity:

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