Razor Wire


Jil Love Revolution and the Spanish Green party working together in Melilla, Spain, raising awareness about the dangers of the razor wiring. January 3th 2014.

Razor wire on fence dividing Melilla from Morocco condemned as inhumane.

Human rights activists criticize move to reintroduce razor-sharp barbed wire to borderand say it seriously injures migrants.

Vallas Palazon The Spanish government’s decision to reintroduce razor-sharp barbed wire to the border fence that divides the enclave of Melilla from Morocco in north Africa has been condemned by human rights activists as inhumane.

The controversial barbed wire, which was erected this week, was first introduced in 2005 but had mostly been removed from the top of the fence after causing serious injuries to migrants as they tried to cross the border.

The fence that divides Morocco from Melilla has become a focal point for immigration from sub-Saharan Africa. In September this year, hundreds of men descended from the mountains on the Moroccan side to storm the fence, using their great weight of numbers to avoid the Spanish police patrolling the border. Many were arrested, but scores made it over into Melilla.

In the past decade, many have died in their attempts to cross but human rights groups say there is little information as to the exact number of deaths and serious injuries.

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