Syrian Refugees.


Performance artivism of Syrian refugees on Mother’s Day. San Francisco, May 8th 2016.


‘Merciless and hopeless reality’ for Syrian refugees.

We are facing’ the worst refugee crisis of the world of recent years. But as we don’t discuss it, we don’t really know the dimensions of the crisis.

There are 1.6 million registered Syrian refugees in Turkey. This corresponds to a 2.1% increase in the national population. Amnesty International in a 2014 report on survival struggle of the Syrian refugees says Turkey’s assuming the financial burden of the crisis is crucial.


Nevertheless, tens of thousands of refugees live in extreme poverty. There are many others turned back from the border, and even risk being shot at with real bullets.


My job is to bring to the West the horrors and dramatic realities of our human brothers and sisters suffering in the East. My Love Revolution is the bridge between East and West….

This is the first time in my social movement when I am not in the image, I am behind the camera making sure everything is like I envisioned. I wanted maximum realism with the image and we have accomplished it.


I have envisioned a family who’s house got bombed and are homeless in the Streets of San Francisco, wondering why this happened to them, for no apparent reason. They carry the remains of their home in bags as a form of rubble, these are all their belongings. My job is to show what many don’t want to see.

Thank you so much to everyone who have been part of it.

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