This Pro-Gaza Protester Will Move You To Tears


This Pro-Gaza Protester Will Move You To Tears

August 22, 2014
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Article by Shannon Jones

dkjdkjaA picture is a thousand words really rings true, especially in the light of the Israeli-Palestinian turmoil.

One protester took to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to get people to listen to the cries across the ocean.

  Bta5gP8CEAA0rgnHer name is Jill Love, and her message is going viral. She is a performance artist who takes the most visually shocking looks and connects them to relevant current events. Her creations are called “Artivism”– connecting the performance art with activism.

Jill Love said the following of this performance, entitled “LOVE REVOLUTION Artivism Solidarity Campaign”–

“WE ARE THE VOICE of the ones who have been silenced forever.”

The campaign’s goal is to “raise awareness about the genocide of the 1900 Palestinians. Innocent men, women and children are about to being slaughtered, killed and forgotten by the World, while Israel continuously attacks the defenseless priso-city of GAZA for over 2 weeks.”


Photo Credit: Twitter

The images took off, and now people around the globe are following Jill Love’s lead. Check out this picture taken in Malasia.


Photo Credit: Facebook

The LOVE REVOLUTION Facebook says that “Our mission is to awaken a force in those who view our ARTivism images…To raise awareness, ignite ideas and incite people to action.”   Jill Love has previously performed in protest of chemtrails, oil companies, and circuses. They all are equally visually stunning and worth checking out.

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