Dedicated to my own Father, Javier Luis Pie Gomez who died of Cancer and lack of Love on May 12th 2013, in Tarragona, Spain. And to all the Fathers who are dying alone and sad.

Images inspired by Roman Charity.

When the aged Cimon was forced to starve in prison before his execution, his devoted daughter Pero secretly visited her father to nourish him at her own breast. In his Memorable Acts and Sayings of the Ancient Romans, the ancient Roman historian Valerius Maximus, Pero’s selfless devotion was presented as the highest example of honoring one’s parent.

In the 1600s, major artists painted dramatic versions of the popular subject, which Jean-Baptiste Greuze and other artists revived a century later. Closely basing the setting and arrangement of figures on Peter Paul Rubens’s version, Greuze probably made this oil sketch as the final stage of preparation for an unexecuted, large-scale painting. Contemporaries admired the rapid execution, vibrant colors, and lively paint handling in Greuze’s oil sketches. The critic Denis Diderot lavishly praised his combination of genre and history painting and his public, moralizing purpose.

. “A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remains as a pillar of strength throughout our lives.” — Ama H. Vanniarachchy

Father’s Day in San Francisco, June 19th 2016. Photos by Jil Love with Raul Delarosa.

Roman Charity in Modern Days.

There’s no bigger joy than gifting your most precious nectar to your Father, who’s dying of malnutrition and lack of love.


Roman Charity.

Gifting back the source of life to the father who created me, for Father’s Day.


From The “Memorable Doings And Sayings Of Ancient Romans”
Book IV: “Of Piety Towards Parents And Brothers And Country”
Recorded by Valerius Maximus (20 B.C. – 50 A.D.) written during the reign of Tiberius, (A.D. 14 – 37).
Translation by D. R. Shackleton Bailey, (1917 – 2005)
A Praetor had handed over a woman of free birth found guilty at his tribunal of a capitol crime to the Triumvir to be executed in prison. Received there, the head Warder had pity on her and did not strangle her immediately. He even allowed her daughter to visit her, but only after she had been thoroughly searched to make sure she was not bringing in any food, in the expectation that the prisoner would die of starvation.
But after a number of days had passed, he asked himself what could be sustaining her so long. Observing the daughter more closely, he noticed her putting out her breast and relieving her mother’s hunger with the succor of her own milk.
This novel and remarkable spectacle was reported by him to the Triumvir, by the Triumvir to the Praetor, by the Praetor to the board of judges; as a result the woman’s sentence was remitted.
Whither does Piety not penetrate, what does she not devise? In prison she found a new way to save her mother. For what so extraordinary, so unheard of, as for a mother to be nourished by her daughter’s breasts? This might be thought to be against nature, if to love parents were not Nature’s first law.
Let the same be predicated concerning the piety of Pero, whose father Myco was in a like sorry plight and equally under prison guard. A man in extreme old age, she put him like a baby to her breast and fed him.
Men’s eyes are riveted in amazement when they see the painting of this act and renew the features of this long bygone incident in astonishment at the spectacle now before them, believing in those silent outlines of limbs they see living and breathing bodies. This must needs happen to the mind also, admonished to remember things long past as though they were recent by painting, which is considerably more effective than literary memorials.
Neither shall I wrap you in silence, Cimon, who did not hesitate to buy burial for your father with voluntary chains. For although later it was your fortune to turn out a very great citizen and general, you gained considerably more glory in the prison than in the senate house. Other virtues only earn much admiration, but piety also earns love and a great deal of it.

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