Jil Love Revolution


 City recognition signed by the mayor Eric Garcetti to the hard work of Love Revolution done in the City of Angels between June 2014 and May 2015.


Jil Love Revolution is a international social movement which creates ARTivism, Art + Activism to raise awareness, motivate society and expand consciousness. The mission of Jil Love Revolution is to awaken a force in those who view our images…To raise awareness, ignite ideas and incite people to action. Jil Love Revolution peacefully and artistically fight for Social Rights, Animal rights and Environmental rights.

Jil Love Revolution

Jil Love Revolution

Within the last 3 years, Jil Love’s social movement project Love Revolution has garnered worldwide critical acclaim. A Hollywood-based artist, activist, and filmmaker originally hailing from Tarragona, Spain, Love launched her Love Revolution movement during the height of the 2012 Spanish Riots in Madrid. Her performances seamlessly merge key elements of performance art and activism to provoke and engage the general public, often inciting divisive discourse between fans and critics alike upon their emergence.

A photo of Jil Love’s artivist performance in solidarity with Catalonia’s independence was not only selected as one of the “Photos of the Day” by The Washington Post, but was ultimately chosen by The Wall Street Journal as one of their “Year in Photos, 2014”. Both Nation of Change and True Activism also selected her artivist performance-protests to raise collective Western consciousness about the ongoing Palestinian genocide as number 3 in their lists entitled “18 of the Most Creatively-Amazing Protests Ever!”. In addition to these recent achievements, her unique artistic methods of passive resistance have been adopted by fellow activists and artists, inspiring thousands and inciting people to action. Jil Love is been recognized by the city of Los Angeles for her efforts and achievements. She has published her book that documents all her Artivism protests up to date. You can find it on Amazon: We Are The Voices of The Unheard.


Jil Love’s Artivism protests have reached to millions and gone viral around the world and her images have been featured in important Papers and Magazines like Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Huffington Post, LA Times, Grazia Magazine, Art Tour International, Art Sheep, Le Monde and so on…


The first ARTIVISM protest began during the Spanish Riots on September 25th 2012. The Jil Love Revolution starts by loving yourself. Only then you can truly love others the same way.

“Why do I choose nudity in some of my protests? It’s a symbolic act of vulnerability. Some people confuse vulnerability with weakness. To me vulnerability is the absence of fear and judgement about of who we are. In the weakness there are judgement. In the vulnerability there aren’t. Vulnerability is the state where we are more powerful. Vulnerability is human perfection with all our stuff (with their nice, neutral, and bad things). In the state of vulnerability there are no good or bad qualities, it is what it is and that is it. Vulnerability is a state of love and compassion for who we are and that is what allow us to make deeper connections. Vulnerability comes from the Latin ‘vulnus’ meaning wound. We need courage and the absence of judgement to show our wounds.” ~ Jil Love 

Artivists attempt to push political agendas by the means of art with a focus on raising social, environmental and technical awareness. Besides using traditional mediums like film and music to push for change, an artivist can also be involved in culture jamming, subverting, street art, spoken word, public protesting and activism.


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  1. Jon Zuckerman November 10, 2014at 8:39 pm Reply

    You’re work is incredible! I had no idea! I’m honored to have met you last night and sincerely apologize for 3 things:
    1) for forgetting your name three times. I promise I’ll never do it again!
    2)for not cracking your back
    3)well I guess it was only two things.

    Great to meet you! Let’s connect again soon. We have so much to talk about. You are an incredible abs inspiring artist.
    Thank you for the note on the plate. I gave it to Bruce the guitar player.

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