My Book: We are the Voices of the Unheard


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My book is finally listed on Amazon for purchase with a special Amazon price. Please make an effort and get my book so I can be doing what I love the most and take my Love Revolution to the next level. By purchasing my book you not only support my Artivism but you support and sponsor all the causes I raise awareness for, you support all the human, animal and environmental rights I document on this museum quality coffeetable book. Please make this a success and best seller on Amazon. Buy it now, I will specially sign it for you and ship the following day.

This coffee table book documents all my efforts to raise global awareness about the key issues I believe are of high importance, like social-, animal rights, and environmental causes .
Most of the time some of these issues are not sufficiently highlighted on mainstream media.

My book is immortalizing the 3 years of “Artivism”-actions I created regarding all sorts of social-, and animal rights, and environmental issues. In such a short period of time we have achieved so much and reached out to millions of fellow humans, inspiring others to take action.

By buying a signed limited-printing copy, you will contribute to making this happen and help to spread the Love Revolution worldwide so others can learn from example and be inspired by it.

It is a large book 80 pages coffee table book, 11 inches by 14 inches, museum quality printing by a highly professional company. I have ordered 400 copies that will be shipped by November from Asia. Below each high-quality image, I will explain what inspired me to do the Art-protests, as well as the information you need to know about the issues I bring to light.

Love Revolution provides a voice to the unheard ones. That is why I created such powerful and striking images to really draw attention and make people see, think, feel, and take action.

Everything I have done has been with some help but with lots of passion, determination, and focused belief in oneself.


I believe that one person can really make a difference and change the world.

To simple inspire others to be the change they wish to see….is what brings me the deepest joy and makes it all worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

Thank you with all my heart emoticon Thank you to Randall Ross for her design and art direction and all the photographers that have collaborated in this project.

Much Love Revolution

Jil Love.

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