Catalan Independence


I want also decide for my future.

Performance in Barcelona about the right of vote of Catalans to decide for the future and independence of Catalonia from Spain.

January 14, 2014: Among thousands of Independence supporters outside the Catalan Parliament, while deciding about going ahead with their Independence elections against Spain’s decision,  I had one of my divine impulses:
I jumped the fence and lay down in front of the building, surprised that no police came to stop me. With my mom’s ashes in a little glass jar hanging on my neck protected by my Isis Medallion,
it was a highly spiritual Moment for me: like having my mom right there.

I Was Born in Tarragona, Catalonia.


My Artivism in Barcelona for the independence of Catalonia and the right of Catalans to vote for their future in November 9th. Spain is very afraid of losing us and doesn’t allow us to vote because they know the mass majority will say yes to Independence. This is the same process Scotland is going through but with the big difference that England allow them to vote.
I tied hands and feet, and with a plastic bag over my head I symbolized the economical, cultural, linguistic and identity suffocation of Catalonia by Spain.


This photo is been photo of the day of Washington post on January 14th 2014


and selected photo of the year 2014 by Wall Street Journal. Click the link below.


Also has been on the cover of Spanish National newspapers.


This is the first I appeared with a plastic bag in my head in Tarragona,  my birth town, December 2013, protesting for the decision of the mayor of not letting its citizens vote for their freedom. That was outside the City Hall, surrounded by dozens of protestors supporting and cheering me up.

bossa (2)

Would you believe that this woman in the picture below was inspired by my photo of the year with a plastic bag in my head? Will be that a tendency? Will we keep seeing more and more plastic bags in the heads as a way to protest oppression and austerity measures? This woman is from Athens, Greece. This happened on January 2 2015. This is what my Love Revolution is all about, inspiring other with ideas to go to the streets and take action.


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