Freedom Of Abortion In Spain


Freedom of abortion in Spain, december 23, 2013.

I was asking for help to go to London and have an abortion, where is free and legal.
The ultra conservative Government pushed to change the law to make abortion illegal. It was a woman’s right to have a safe abortion after the 40 years of brutal dictatorship in Spain. Now we are going backwards. Only rich families can afford abortion in cities like London. This law is modified by 16 male ministers. Once again, women’s rights were abolish. We decide for our bodies and for our destinies and we have the right to have a safe abortion. The living and economical conditions in Spain are not the right ones to bring an innocent soul into this fucked up world anyways. Finally, the Law wasn’t passed in Congress.



This performance got national and international attention, for it’s creative uniqueness. The images where featured in papers and magazines and the cover of Le Monde. I was contacted by Canal + to follow up my story. Many women all over Spain recreated this artistic protest. I joined a group of women in Tenerife, Canary Islands, holding the same sign with duct tape on the mouth, while raining, We were in silence for an hour. It was a highly emotional experience.
The 60 Euros I collected in one hour were donated to a Spanish poor children association.


The sign says:

“Please help me to go to London to have a safe abortion”

Aborto Francesabortoj

Aborto Le Monde

Women from all over Spain recreated my performance with the same signs and set up. I was invited to be part of the mass performance in Tenerife, Canarias Islands, a few days after my Artivism. It was raining but it couldn’t stop the highly emotive hour of silence.

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